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Rabaul_Apr69_Lindy72dpiMy name is Belinda Darcey and I am a comfort-aholic. I’ve been on a quest for the most comfortable clothes I could find since I tore off an itchy tulle petticoat at age 3. I can go without food for 8 hours without getting grouchy, but I cannot bear scratchy sweaters, I loathe tight waistbands, and don’t get me started on shoes that rub.

Ironically, I also fell in love with fashion, style and elegance at an early age, as you can see from this  lovely photo of me taken at age 6, right before I headed off to a party.(Click to enlarge for the full impact).

As a web/graphic designer and illustrator, I spend my days wrestling with form and function, trying to balance both, and figuring out why something is not working visually. As a result, I end up analyzing everything else in sight (clothes, silhouettes, bathroom fixtures) in the same way. Occupational hazard.

I also write a series of travel guidebooks for women (The Princess Guide to Rome, and there’s one for Paris, Venice, and Montreal).


I create the watercolors in my home studio. Feel free to pin them on Pinterest, or use them (unaltered) on your blog, with a link back to this blog. I would also be happy to create some original fashion/lifestyle illustrations exclusively for your project. I work in pen and ink, watercolor and pencil. I also work in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Where does your advice come from?

Observation and first-hand experience: I used to think that “comfy” and “chic” were polar opposites. Then I moved to Montreal, Canada, a city that blends high European style with a laid-back American attitude. Women dress well here. And thanks to the extremes of weather, they have developed a pragmatic side that influences their purchases: they insist on comfort and style. They are masters of what I call “comfychic.” I have been observing them like an anthropologist for 10 years. I think this knowledge is valuable, so I’m passing it along.

What exactly is “comfychic”?

I define comfychic clothes as the ones you love because they look great and they feel great. They’re the ones you wear until they fall apart, the ones you wish you could clone.

My hope is that I can show you how to spot pieces that you will wear for years. How to find stylish alternatives to sweatpants and oversized tshirts; comfy alternatives to Spanx and stilettos. Because frankly, the more of us who buy the good stuff, the more it encourages manufacturers to make good stuff: they make what sells.

Juggling style and comfort is not easy but it is possible. This blog is not so much a What Not To Wear as a What Not To Buy In The First Damn Place.

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